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Online CMB Calculator

We provide a complete Einstein-Boltzmann solver that you can run in the browser to generate results and produce plots you can use to compare the results of the code that you are making to. Click the milestone you want to run below, set the cosmological parameters that you want and press "Run Code". All the data produced by the scripts below contains all the results for the previous milestones (e.g. if you run the Recombination script then the Background data also gets computed and is availiable in the raw data output), however the plots we automatically generate are just those for the selected milestone. Important assumptions: 1) for evolution of perturbations and power-spectra the equations implemented assumes $\Omega_k = 0$, 2) neutrinos are always assumed to be massless, 3) for recombination we use the Saha approximation for Helium and the Peebles equation for hydrogen. You can also run CAMB online.

1. Compute Background Evolution (Milestone I) 2. Compute Recombination History (Milestone II) 3. Compute Perturbations (Milestone III) 4. Compute Powerspectrum (Milestone IV)

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Results for fiducial cosmology

You can find the outputs for our fiducial (Planck 2018) cosmology here: Background, Recombination, Perturbations, Powerspectrum. Below we show the plots that the code generate when run with the fiducial cosmology.


Plots Background:

Plots Recombination:

Plots Perturbations:

Plots Powerspectrum: